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Door and window handles

Model: ME4884934
S2954 Stainless Steel Privacy Knob Set 60 / 70mm Pack Of 1 Set..
Model: ME6400051
S2955 Stainless Steel Passage Knob Set 60 / 70mm Pack Of 1 Set..
Model: ME2292466
S3282 Ceramic Knobs Cracked Cream 60mm Pack Of 1 Pr..
Model: ME4611288
This handle is sprung and needs to be fitted in conjunction with a standard sash lock.Sold as a set with matching wood screws...
Model: ME22652774
These entrance door knobs are made from stainless steel and have a contemporary, high-quality satin finish. The entrance door knob lock set incorporates a key lock for the outside of the door and a privacy thumb turn for the inside, facilitating the ability to lock the door from both inside and out...
Model: ME22652775
Privacy door knob for internal doors feature a privacy thumb turn on the knob for inside the room to lock the knob and prevent the knob from being turned. The knob on the outside of the door encompasses an emergency release key slot (emergency release key is supplied). These stainless steel privacy ..
Model: ME19568900
The innovative L-bow handle allows you to open a door, fitted with a standard handle, by using your forearm, reducing the risk of direct hand contact with viruses and bacteria on the door handle.The door opener itself has an ergonomic shape, is very easy to install and can be used for handles with d..
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